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Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Love is a camera (Video)

I’ve been a fan of Sophie ever since she released Groovejet with Spiller and fell in love with her british accent starting from Take me Home. I think that she is  on a league of her own and her music puts her on a different range than many of the mainstream garbage music frequently played on radios all over. Sophie released earlier this year her 5th album, Wanderlust, and it was a new turn in her genre of music, it’s not pop, not dance and not purely indie. It has influences of music from eastern europe mainly, some ballads and waltz as well. At first listen, it might sound awkward even for a Sophie fan but afterwards, you’ll find out that it’s such a great album with solid production, lyrics and melodies.

Sophie released today the video for the 3rd single to be taken from Wanderlust which is Love is Camera. The first two singles were Young Blood and Runaway Daydreamer and I think their videos were not that great, unlike this new video which was shot in Florence, Italy and has a nice yet creepy kind of storyboard that goes along very well with the lyrics. Check it out below:


The Garden Show (in photos)


If you still did not attend the Garden Show and intend to do so, well today is your last chance as this is the last day. Below are some photos that I took. There are various kinds of stands: handicrafts, flowers and plants, landscape services, ecotourism, garden furniture, olive oil and soaps, honey, pottery, hand made chairs and other households… and in the photos below, you’ll see an artist who makes carvings and lights out of ostrich eggs, I found that to be quite creative and new!



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Maleficent (short review)

So I was really anticipating to see the movie and I saw it yesterday. Was it worth all my excitement? Mmm, not that much. It’s a nice movie and the new twist is good, but It’s a Disney movie and it surely feels as one. I was expecting it to be a bit more darker, for Maleficent to be more evil, instead she turned out to be eventually a good loving character. So all along the movie, emotions are flowing and love is in the air. Anyway, I tend to point out the negative better than I do for the positive as when I have high expectations, I set the bar high and I hate disappointments. So go see the movie, enjoy the scenery and explore the new twist in it.

X-men: Days of Future Past


 I’ve always been a fan of super heroes movies as I used to enjoy watching the cartoon series when I was a kid and now I get the chance to see them in movies. In recent years, for the Marvel Heroes, the Avengers (individually or all together) & X-men, we were getting at least one movie of each per year and the thing is that they are becoming a sort of a movie-chain, in a way that if you skip watching one, there are some details that you won’t get in the next movie. It’s plain marketing strategy and I am sure it’s paying-off well for the producers.

Yesterday I saw the movie X-men: Days of Future Past and I really liked it. It’s long but interesting and it’s obvious that it’s just another one in the sequence of other X-men movies to come. What I miss seing though is more of the battles between the mutants as in the first three parts, I think they are trying to work more on the story. Briefly, Wolverine must go back in time, convince professor X and Magneto to change some events in the past to prevent the extinction of the mutants in the future by the Sentinels, and Mystique has a key role on this mission.

It’s a definitely a nice movie to watch. Here’s the trailer.

The Garden Show May 27 – May 31


The 11th edition of The Garden Show will start tomorrow May 27th until Saturday May 31th and will be held as usual at Beirut Hippodrome and tickets are priced at 10,000 LBP.


If I remember well, the show used be to be held during March or April. Not sure why this year’s edition got postponed till now. Anyway, it’s such a nice event for anyone mainly interested in plants and flowers,  but there’s also plenty of other activities as well, such as cooking and gardening workshops, activities for the kids, live music performances, competitions and a lot of exhibitors offering packages to promote tourism in Lebanon.