X-men: Days of Future Past


 I’ve always been a fan of super heroes movies as I used to enjoy watching the cartoon series when I was a kid and now I get the chance to see them in movies. In recent years, for the Marvel Heroes, the Avengers (individually or all together) & X-men, we were getting at least one movie of each per year and the thing is that they are becoming a sort of a movie-chain, in a way that if you skip watching one, there are some details that you won’t get in the next movie. It’s plain marketing strategy and I am sure it’s paying-off well for the producers.

Yesterday I saw the movie X-men: Days of Future Past and I really liked it. It’s long but interesting and it’s obvious that it’s just another one in the sequence of other X-men movies to come. What I miss seing though is more of the battles between the mutants as in the first three parts, I think they are trying to work more on the story. Briefly, Wolverine must go back in time, convince professor X and Magneto to change some events in the past to prevent the extinction of the mutants in the future by the Sentinels, and Mystique has a key role on this mission.

It’s a definitely a nice movie to watch. Here’s the trailer.


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