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Gaga Vs Bjork

In 2008, Pop scene was completely invaded by the Gaga phenomenon, as a singer that is, because she was known before by this name as a song writer. I was familiar with her first song “Just Dance” about a year before she rose to fame in light speed with her second song “Poker Face”. The only explanation I had in mind is that although the first song was awesome, the video was boring and she had nothing special to offer as a new comer on the pop arena. It’s just with “Poker Face” that she started her eccentric fashion and make-up and that she managed to catch the eyes of media and from that moment onwards, she maintained those same success keys combined with smashing pop hits, the peak being with “Bad Romance” where she managed to have everyone either singing the song or talking about it. However, she consumed herself very fast and her success starting declining with her second album and recently with her third album which I think is a complete flop.
But come to think of it, that weirdness and eccentricity of Gaga remain very little on a Bjork scale. When I was younger, she used to freak me out, I never understood her art nor liked her songs or videos, but I always admired her innovation which was constant and solid on each of her works. This explains why her success was more lasting than Gaga’s. You can YouTube her videos and see what I am talking about. My favorite songs for her are the least weird and the closest to pop songs it can be: Play Dead, All is full of love and Oceania which she did specifically and performed at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.