The truth about the colored squares on your toothpaste

Every now and then, a random hoax gets viral over the social media, and people start sharing it without even bothering to investigate if it’s true or not. All that it takes is just a one minute search.

One of these hoaxes claims that you can tell the composition of the toothpaste based on the color of the bar or square found on at the bottom of the toothpaste tubes, as follows:

Green: natural;

Blue : Natural + Medicine;

Red : Natural + Chemical composition;

Black : pure chemical.


This is simply nonsense. These bars or squares are called Eye Marks and used during the manufacturing process at the packaging stage as they are read by sensors to detect and align squeeze tubes.


Moreover, I compared two toothpaste tubes from the same brand that I use and found that each time it’s a different color. So do not be fooled by any hoax just because people are sharing it.


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