OMG Rebel Heart has leaked

I just can’t imagine Madonna’s reaction right now. After all the fuss she went through when some of her demos went viral over the net, this evening, her album, in its final version(?) has leaked! so much for all the investigations and protection they talked about. Of course I will not be sharing any download link for copyrights matters but I am sure you’ll manage to listen to it somewhere on the web. I had my listen, and imo some demos sound better than the “final” versions.

For a preview of the album, you can click here.

Here is the tracklist for the Super Deluxe Edition:

01 Living For Love (3:39)
02 Devil Pray (4:06)
03 Ghosttown (4:10)
04 Unapologetic Bitch (3:51)
05 Illuminati (3:45)
06 Bitch I’m Madonna (3:48)
07 Hold Tight (3:37)
08 Joan of Arc (4:02)
09 Iconic (feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson) (4:33)
10 HeartBreakCity (3:34)
11 Body Shop (3:40)
12 Holy Water (4:09)
13 Inside Out (4:24)
14 Wash All Over Me (4:01)
15 Best Night (3:34)
16 Veni Vidi Vici (feat. Nas) (4:40)
17 S.E.X. (4:12)
18 Messiah (3:23)
19 Rebel Heart (3:21)
20 Beautiful Scars (4:19)
21 Queen (4:16)
22 Borrowed Time (3:25)
23 Graffiti Heart (3:40)
24 Autotune Baby (4:01)
25 Addicted (3:34)


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